Cafe Oratnek Review

I have been wanting to try out this cafe for quite a while and finally got the chance to!

We ordered the pork fillet katsu, Salmon Ochazuke  and Matcha Tiramisu.

The choice for the pork cut in the pork katsu is quite different from the traditional pork katsu, which is tender and contains a bit more fat. The really thick cuts of pork made the sandwich much more chewy and harder than anticipated. However, I will say the Japanese BBQ sauce, mustard and mayo worked well with this sandwich.


Japanese ochazuke, grilled rice ball, salmon, nori, arare, chicken jasmine dashi -$16

The Japanese Grilled Rice Ball came shortly after and umm…it was not quite what we were expecting. Upon first appearance, it looked more like a deconstructed onigiri (Japanese rice ball). However when they gave us a teapot filled with a meat or fish infused stock (dashi), it was a little bit perplexing.

The salmon in the Japanese Rice Ball dish was filled with flavour and was much more saltier than expected, hence the rice was a good accompaniment. The dashi though. Should we try it separately to see what it tastes like? Should we pour a bit in and start mixing? Or should we pour all that dashi in and then also, gloriously drop the teapot lid into the dish? Which i unfortunately did.

When i got home, I did a little more research on what exactly ‘ ochazuke’. It simply is a dish combining rice and tea(ocha), which can also be accompanied with different toppings, such as meat or fish.

To be quite honest, I can see why this falls under the ‘breakfast’ menu. It’s a bit like comfort food, bit like congee or soondubu jiggae if I try and make a comparison. Aesthetically, this dish was nice, but the rice seemed a little undercooked (or what people would call ‘al dente’). However, I would say that this dish did not fare too well for me.

Already a bit disappointed with the main dishes, we still had the matcha tiramisu cake to try. When it arrived, aesthetically it looked just like any ordinary cake. However, this cake was probably the only dish that impressed me. It was not too sweet. However the use of matcha may have overwhelmed the taste of tiramisu- so it was a little difficult to taste it.

Matcha Tiramisu
Matcha Tiramisu- $6.50

NB-Pork Katsu price- $13. Price wise it’s about $17-$18pp.

Overall, this was a neat, little cafe to check out. I don’t think I would come back again, unless it is for the matcha related items on the menu.

Rate: 5/10 🙂

Location: 4 Pitt Street, Redfern NSW.


See y’all in my next blog,

Sam. x


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